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We offer a wide variety of products. Here is a sampling of some of our items! Please contact us for more information about any of our products and services.

FayJan Tool Sales Co. Inc.

bullet Abrasives:
3M, Scotch-Brite, Brilliant, Merit, Superior, Cratex, Brightboy, Even Cut, Sia

bullet Air Tools:
Dynabrade, Topcat

bullet Broaches:
Dumont, Hassay Savage

bullet Brushes:
Maryland Brush, Osborn

bullet Carbide Burs:
Grobet, Fullerton

FayJan Tool Sales Co. Inc.

bullet Bushings:
All-American, Boneham, Carr Lane

bullet Carbide Indexable Inserts:
Mitsubishi, Waukesha, Tool Flo, Ingersoll Cutter

bullet Carbide Tools:
Fullerton, Grobet, Hannibal, CID, Precision Twist, Guhring

bullet Centers:
Royal, Rohm, Red-E

bullet Chasers:
Assembled Threading Tools, Quality

bullet Chucks:

bullet Clamps:
All-American, Destaco, Carr Lane

bullet Coolants:
Milacron, Monroe Fluids, Eco-Cool

bullet Coolant Spray Hose:
Cedarberg Snap-Loc Systems

bullet Countersinks & Counterbores:
Severance, Weldon, Cleveland, National, Keo, Ingersoll Cutter

bullet Deburring Tools:
Vernon, Weldon, Severance, Vargus, Royal

bullet Diamond Dressers:
Milacron, Sidley Rolls, Diamond Tool, Desmond-Stephan

bullet Diamond Wheels:
Milacron, Starlite, US Diamond, Tyrolit

bullet Dieheads:
Assembled Threading Tools, Geometric

bullet Drills — H.S.S. & Carbide:
Cleveland, Precision Twist, Hayden, Guhring, Dormer, Republic, National Twist, Fullerton, Hannibal, Mitsubishi, Fastcut

FayJan Tool Sales Co. Inc.

bullet Drills (Indexable):
Mitsubishi, Waukesha, Allied, Guhring, Cleveland, Weldon, Niagara, Regal-Beloit, Fastcut, National

bullet Endmills (Carbide):
Fullerton, Precision Twist, CID, Regal-Beloit, Hannibal, Niagara, Mitsubishi

bullet Endmills (Indexable):
Ingersoll Cutter, Waukesha, Mitsubishi

bullet Fasteners:

bullet Files:
Grobet, Simonds

bullet Gages:
Hemco, Dundick, Regal-Beloit, Vermont Gage

FayJan Tool Sales Co. Inc.

bullet Glass Shot:
Microbeads, Trinmac

bullet Grinding Wheels:
Milacron, Tyrolit, 3M, Rexcut, Brilliant, Allison Cutoff

bullet Grinders (Air & Electric):
Dynabrade, Milwaukee

bullet Gun Drills (Indexable Style):

FayJan Tool Sales Co. Inc.

bullet Hand Creams:

bullet Hand Tools:
J.H. Williams (BAHCO), Stanley Proto, Channel Lock, Urrea Professional Tools

bullet Hex Keys:
Holokrome/Allen, Bondhus

FayJan Tool Sales Co. Inc.

bullet Indexable Tooling:
Mitsubishi, Waukesha, Allied, Ingersoll Cutter, Guhring

bullet Lathe Accessories:
Edward Andrews, CNC

bullet Layout Fluids:

bullet Measuring Tools:
S-T Industries, Fowler, SPI

bullet Milling Cutters:
Niagara, F&D, Cleveland, Waukesha, Ingersoll Cutter

bullet Mounted Points:
Modern Abrasive, Milacron, Tyrolit

bullet Pneumatic Accessories:
Dynabrade, Coilhose

bullet Protective Coating:
Evans Dip Seal

bullet Reamers:
Alvord Polk, Cleveland, Regal-Beloit, Hannibal, Fullerton, Twenty-First Century, Lavelle & Ide

bullet Router Bits:
Onsrud Cutter

bullet Saw Blades:
Amada, J.H. Williams (BAHCO), Simonds, Diamond Saw

bullet Shim Stock:
Precision Brand

bullet Spade Drills:
Allied, Waukesha

FayJan Tool Sales Co. Inc.

bullet Taps & Dies:
Reiff & Nestor, Regal, Cleveland, Widell, New England Tap

bullet Tapping Attachments:
SPV, Ettco, Tapmatic

bullet Tap Extractors:

FayJan Tool Sales Co. Inc.

bullet Tool Holders:

bullet Tool Steels:

bullet Vises:
Palmgren, Te-Co